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Need Design Help?

Now where to look? Finding a designer for your web or graphic design project can be challenging. You want to work with someone who is creative, efficient, reliable and provides a fair rate. Working with a local designer gives the opportunuty to meet in person if required, plus it feeds into your local economy - a win win.


Let's Talk

You've taken the leap into your design project, now it's time to keep the communication lines open. The more we discuss and plan during this first stage, the smoother the project will proceed. Also if we need to meet to go over design details - that can be arranged at the local coffee shop ;)



Now that the scope of the project is determined, we can now decide on how to get there. Do you need a logo and branding first before a website design? Do you need to manage your own website? If your wanting to sell online, which e-commerce platform is best suited to your needs?



The direction is set, it's time to get to work. If you are needing a logo design, draft concepts are presented and we can refine from there. Building websites usually begin with a theme or template and then we discuss modifying it to your needs and budget. If you want to stand out from the pack, custom work is always available for an original look!


Ready to Roll

We've done it! After some creative back and forth and maybe some problem solving your project is live. But that doesn't mean our relationship is over. funktion is always here for support and updates if and when you need it, usually replying within 24 hours... unless it is an epic beach or powder day ;)

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