I started funktion design during the graphic design program at Georgian College in 2002. Ater graduating, I worked in the print & production industry for a few years before transitioning to a full-time freelance designer - working mostly in web design. I've enjoyed work from clients in real estate, healthcare, environmental organizations and a variety of small businesses both local and across Canada.

funktion is also backed with a network of design and technical colleagues; so if my plate is full, or your project requires more knowledge then I have - there are options for you to get the job done on budget and on time.

Design Services

funktion offers full-cycle design services from logo design to website development.

Website Design

The majority of my work hours are spent designing, maintaining and developing websites. From real estate sites to fun single-page sites or portfolio style websites - contact me for a free estimate. I am currently building & managing more e-commerce & e-learning sites built with wordpress and learndash.

Graphics & Print Design

As a trained Graphic Designer for over 18 years, including time in both the publishing and print production fields, you can be sure your logo, branding, design, illustration or print work is of professional quality. Soon I will be adding updated samples of design and illustration to this website - both client work and individual fun design.

Search Engine Optimization

Web ranking has alot of factors involved. I can help set your site up to have a good start in your search presence. While I don't consider myself a SEO GURU, I have produced good results driving web traffic. If your aim is google domination, I can connect you with people who can help!

Custom Design Services

My design services don't end on paper or screen... I have designed signs, goalie masks, t-shirts, sports jerseys, furniture, house renderings and woodwork design. If you have need for artwork, custom design, renderings or templates, send me an email and I'll see if I can help!

Need Design Aid?

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